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Alsace Lorraine

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Located in the charming village of Dambach-La-Ville in the heart of Alsace, the Frey family has been producing wine since the 18th century. The family had always practiced the polyculture in the domaine and sold in bulk. The big change arrived in 1997, when they decided to convert the domaine into an organic farming and sell the by bottle.

Domaine Loberger - Céline Loberger.png


The roots of the Loberger family in Alsatian lands and the agricultural world date back to the 1600s. A few centuries later, in 1990, the family freed itself from asparagus, cow and rabbit farming to concentrate on viticulture.

From the arrival of Jean-Jacques in 1984, the choice of organic farming was obvious and 2012 will mark the date of the biodynamic labeling.

The last important date is 2019, with the return to the estate of Jean-Jacques' daughter; Céline.

Céline quickly finds her place by bringing this knowledge and will quickly learn the many other talents that make up the profession of winegrower.

Today, there are 8 hectares of vines that the Lobergers cultivate, trying to bring ever more care to their work in the vineyard and in the cellar where they raise authentic wines with great precision.


It is in Lorraine, that Jan was born in 1984. Located in the north of Burgundy between Champagne and Alsace. Lorraine is a great agricultural and wine-growing land and that, Jan understood it for a very long time ... In 2015 in multi-activity (wine technician) then full time, he settles in the village of Domgermain with all the grape varieties’ heritage of the area: Pinot,Gamay, Auxerrois. Today, on 4.5 ha, Jan works in an ethic very respectful of the environment and a large place left to nature and time!

In the vineyard, observation and prophylaxis are required in order to bring healthy grapes to the cellar which will require little or no input during vinifications.

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